Brighton …


Last summer I was in Brighton, a lovely city in the south of UK. It was the first time I travel alone, and before going I was really nervous.

While I was in the plane, many thoughts came into my mind… Am I going to be confortable? Am I going to

feel happy there?

Many people had told me that English people were special, and that in England is rainning evry single day…


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First day was such a bad day, because I had to dinner alone… and I ate beans… (OMG) I hate them! But the rest of the three weeks I enjoy my trip a lot! I met a lot of people from around the word, I practised English and I had one of the best experiences in my life!

10487195_10152360657419335_9031705707141021258_n 10339957_10152359027624335_2250610755706701895_n

There are many places in Brighton I love, but I think that my favourite one is Gardner street. It’s simply the best street I have ever seen. It seems to be small, but it has so many little lovely shops. Those days it was full of many diferent people and It’s difficult to explain how do you feel there…


I had the opportunity to travel a little bit, so I decided to visit London (OF COURSE) and also Oxford.

I had to say that London is amazing, I really enjoy every single street and place like The London Eye or Big Ben, but Oxford has something special. I can’t get ride of that image of bikes everywhere.











I hope I will go there again… I promise myself I will return…




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