Speaking games box


Hi there!

This week I am sharing with you my super speaking game box!

I’ve been working in many different levels, and with some years of experience, I finally build a box with some games.

You will see, that there are some games I’ve bought , but there are some more that I create…. Are you ready?

 fast finishers (1)

Tiger Eye masks

My first objects are 3 eye masks. I really like them, because they give me many different possibilities in short games. I bought them in Tiger.

My students love them, the pictures make them laugh a lot!

Who is Who

I am sure you already know this game! I really like the idea of the it, and I wanted to build one for my students. One day, I was searching other materials in Abacus, and I found this amazing WHO is WHO in cards.

Buy it in Amazon ( similar)

What’s up

This is another of my favourite games ever! Do you know it? Personally, I am very happy with it, and there are many different possibilities to use it in class!

Buy it in Amazon

Traveling cards

The traveling cards are so good for students around 11-12 years old. In my opinion there are some questions and structures and also contents in the game that are better for older students.

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Brain box

There are so many different games in the same collection, and they are all really nice! I only have played with one, but I am so happy with it. It is a very simple game that gives you the possibility to make your students play with it alone.

Buy it in Amazon


A very easy and quick game to play with your students in the class. It is perfect to review parts of the body and bones!

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Speaking dice

Some years ago, I found this group of dices and I found them so interesting to use them in class. You can use them as a speaking activity or maybe as a writing activity too.

Buy them in Amazon

The werewolves

Another of my favourites! I really like to use this game in Halloween. I am teaching young kids in grade 3 and 4, so I have to adapt it. With children around 10-11 years old you won’t have any problem!

Buy it in Amazon

Story cubes

Story cub es are always a good option.There is a post on the blog about the different games and activities you can do with this material. HERE you can see it!

Buy it in amazon 

Story maps

As you already know, I am a story lover, and I adore anything related to it. This year I started using some new material to work on storymaps, and I have a good experience. There are some posts on the blog too about it!

Disney Maps

One of the important topics in English is to know how to give directions . Some years ago, I went to Disney Paris, and I decided to keep them and use them in class. Normally, they play in groups or pairs, and the idea is to give instructions to arrive to a specific place in the map.

That’s all for this week! I really hope you found it interesting!





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