DIY SALAD (Speaking activity)


Hi there!

Today I am sharing with you a very simple and useful activity you can do with your students.

Or Englush lessons this term are about food, and as you know, I like to do different activities. As I explained in the video “Planifica tus clases” it is nice to mix different activities during a lesson, and today I am showing you a speaking activity that really works!


Make the students speak and practise vocabulary related to food.

Make them learn and use specific structures.




In order to make your students participate a lot, I recommend you to join your students in pairs. This way they need to use the language to complete their worksheet.



The idea is to make a perfect salad for your partner. To do it, they have to ask questions to their partner. Each student would make a salad by asking thier partners what are their favourite ingredients.

It is important to give them the vocabulary and the structures they would need ( Grammar). That’s why they need a worksheet with all the vocabulary and the pictures, with a grid where they can find the structures they would need to ask or answer the questions.


STRUCTURES (1)And here you have the final result! It was really nice to do this activity at class, because it gives you the oportunity to know your students better. With the last group, I also make them design my favourite salad.

PicsArt_05-24-01.59.41 (1)

I really hope you like it!

Lots of kisses 🙂




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