Discovering schools


Hello teachers!

Some days ago I had the oportunity to visit an amazing school in Catalonia. It is a public and small school in a village near Vic. I am working in a big school, with lots of students and teachers, and it was really interesting to know how a small school works.


The first thing that I really like was the idea of having the hangers outside in the corridor. They also have a little cloth bag that they had decorated at the beginning of the year. They use it to bring things at home. As you can see in the pictues, the furniture is so simple, and they normally adapt it depending on the students, interests, needs, projects….


The general idea of the school is to work and learn through investigation projects. Students learn to work like this since they are in pre-school. This way of learning makes them more independent and confident. They learn by investigating and by doing; something really challenging for teachers and students.


In the following picturies, you can see some examples of the projects the students were working in. Students were woorking on them when we visited the school, and they were so excite and concentrated on their project.

The first picture shows a project that really impressed me. All students this year are really excited with these spinners. A group of students in that school were working on the design of “the best” box to keep spinners. They had to investigate and work with different materials, mesures, shapes….

The second picture was a project made by students in grade 1… They are so sweet… There were a group of little girls building their own supermarket.

The next picture shows how a group of students in grade 4 were working on making clothes. It was really interesting, and also difficult.

Finally, the last picture shows a final work of a students that were investingating the GRAVITY. They used these weighing scales to mesure their own weigh in each planet.


Another idea that I found really interesting was that when students arrive at school at 9; they have a session of ASSEMBLEY. They talk about anything students or teachers want to talk or debate. Sometimes, they stay 10 minutes, but they can stay 30 or 45 minutes if they think they have to.

The flexibility and adaptation are two important ideas in that school, and that’s something I really appreciate. The spaces are really nice decorated, and everything ( materials, books, tools, toys…) is accessible to all.



I really enjoyed that day. It was amazing learning and watching a real situation where another methodology works. The idea that students are the centre of their leaning process is very important in this school. I just wanted to share with you my experience and my visit in a different school. I really hope you find it interesting and inspiring!

Kisses and Hugs







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