Barefoot Books


Hello everyone!

Sorry for beeing out many days, but I’ve been sick…

Now I am feeling better, so I can share with you more ideas that I hope you find useful!

Today I am coming with a collection of books/songs/stories I am obsessed with! I am talking about…


They have a very nice collection of books and songs perfectly adapted and ready to be used in class. In my opinion, they do a very beautiful and magic material. It is nice, because they offer you 3 formats of their stories; SONG – BOOK- VIDEO.


This week I am presenting you three of their books with some ideas to work with and printables to download! 🙂


Let’s know a little bit about it: Up in a balloon is a nice song that talks about many different things related to the Earth. There appear transports, parts of the earth, animals, habitats… So we have a huge variety of topics to work with.

Tips: When you want to work on a song, I always recommend to use TPR and try to connect a gesture with words of the song. This way, your children would be more engaged and it will be easier for them to learn the song.

Activities: There are many different activities to do with this song. As I said before you can work many topics. I decided to work on something easy and simple: BALLOONS. So HERE you can download the pdf with all the activities for your students!


Let’s know a little bit about it: It is a funny song to do with children, because it is an additive song; it means that the same structured is repeated and the only thing that you have to do is add new words or elements.

Tips:In my opinion it is perfect for children around 6-7 years old. It is a very nice song that is perfect to wok on the marine animals.

Activities: As I said before, it can be nice using the song to work on the marine animals, so I prepared some activities that you can download HERE.


Let’s know a little bit about it: Asthe title of the song says, this is a song about PIRATES! It is one of my favourite songs from this collection because it is different. It is also one of the most difficult songs of the collection( maybe the most), but the vocabulary is perfect for working with children.

Tips: I recommend you to use this story with children around 10-11, because the vocabulary is more difficult.

Activities: The main topic that you can work with this song without any doubt is “The Pirates”. You will find many different activities and materials, but I decided to prepare something simple. HERE you can download it. I hope you like it!

That’s all for this week!

Lots of kisses!




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