The Gruffalo


Hello teachers!

This week I am coming with something really special and important for me…




I am sure you would know the story and the character, because it is an ICON for the English literature. Actually, it is an icon for the children’s literature.

I was lucky to know about this beutiful story during my years as a students at University.  I remember that day perfectly… Our teacher told us the story as good as he could. He had something special while explaining the story… something magic…

Now that I am a teacher, I understand why… It is such a pleasure to read and tell The Gruffalo.

So… If you are teachers, this is a MUST! Every child MUST know and listen to The Gruffalo. That’s why I decided to give you some ideas to use this story in class! Hope you like it!



Present the story as something important, special…

  • Bring the story in a box…
  • Bring some pictures of the characters…
  • Present the forest where the story takes place…
  • Give them the name of the story …

After presenting the story, show them the cover, this way they can start doing predictions.

Resultat d'imatges de box

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 12.05.55 PM.png


During the story, I always recomend you to use the TPR. As I explained before, the idea is to give your students some instructions to do when hearing specific words.

You can also give them a picture of the characters, and they have to “act out” when their character appears in the story.

Julia Donaldson stories have a special rhythm , and it is perfect to “learn” the story easily. I also recommend you to stop in different sentences and make your students finish it.



After the storytelling, you can do many different things. There is a huge variety of materials online for free, but I give you some other ideas!

  • Use the Films
  • Make some crafts
  • Work on the song
  • Work on the characters
  • Create a new “Gruffalo”
  • Work on the PLAY

Resultat d'imatges de gruffalo dvds

Resultat d'imatges de gruffalo dvds

Resultat d'imatges de gruffalo crafts

Resultat d'imatges de gruffalo crafts















It is also nice to have new different resources, that’s why I created a booklet with some activities and resources to do with Primary Students. Here you can find it!

I really hope you find this post useful!




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