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Today I am coming with something I really hope you like it!

Is it known that nowadays we need to be more active and lively in class. We have many different types of children, with many different needs and curiosities. That’s why I find so important to have different resources and methodologies.

Of course there are many games that work, but I think that the following 10 would work for sure!

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Write a word on the board, and sit a student behind that word. The rest of the class have to give him/her some clues (words related to the main word on the board), in order to make him/her guess.

It really works


This is a very famous game where the students need to pay attention and be concentrate in order to play as many times as they can!

The teacher says: Simon says….. touch your nose!

The students can do it, because the teacher says Simon says . If the teacher gives a statement without the “magic words” they can not move. It is very useful as a BRAIN BREAK. It is a short game, and you don’t need any material to play it.


This is probably one of my favourite games, and I have explained before!

The idea is to write something on a post-it and stick it on our student’s head. They have to guess who or what are they by asking yes/no questions! In my opinion it is really useful and simple!

You can use it in many different subjects, and it really works.


I love running dictations! As the tittle says, the idea is to do dictations while running.

Join your students into pairs. Put some texts/ words/sentences in different corners of the class, and display 1 person of each couple near the text. The other half of the class should be in a different place of the room.

The idea is that one person of each couple runs, reads the text or the sentence, runs again and dictates it to his or her couple.



In orther to understand this game, I recommend you to read about WBT.

This is one game that tries to change a little bit the way that chldren read in class. The idea is to have fun reading in pairs.

Here you can read more about it!


This is a very useful game, that you can use in many different subjects and in many different ways.

Students have to represent different words/sentences/ definitions, and the rest of the class have to guess what is it. Sometimes we only think about mimmics when talking about words, but I have tried this game in a different way (with definitions and sentences, and it really works).


This is a very simple game, and it is perfect to review vocabulary. The main goal is to say as many words related to a topic, as possible.

Sit your students in circles around 10 students more or less. Give them an object that will be the BOMB, and say a topic. They must say words while passing the “bomb”.


Draw a path on the board, and divide it into different parts. Divide the class in 2 teams, and make them play like a board game. Every square of the path can be a question. The first to complete all the squares wins.

It is perfect to review some contents!


This is a very useful game, that can be used as an evaluation activity.

Every child close their eyes and listens to a sentence. If that sentence is true, they must put their thumbs up, if not, they have to put their thumbs down.

It is really good to review contents too!


This is perfect for ENGLISH TEACHERS.

The idea is to play in pairs ( this way we can be sure that everyone is speaking).

Give your students pictures with many things on them. One student starts the game by saying:

-I spay with my little eye something that is green

It is nice as a speaking activity, and they really enjoy games in pairs!

I also recorded a video explaining the top 10 games:

That’s all for this week, I really hope you enjoy this post, and find it useful!

Lots of kisses!




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