Story Maps (part 4)


Hello teachers!

How is your week going?

We are finishing our unit related to Stories and Tales… I think next week I will upload the last part…


But I am really happy with the results! Today I am sharing with you 3 easy activities to work with storymaps! I hope you like them!



In this activity, the idea is to make your students invent a story!

Age: Of course it depends on their level, but I recomend you to do it with children around 7-8 years old.


  • Piece of paper
  • Colours, pencils…
  • Character/ Objects/ Setting cards
  • Imagination!

How to play:

  • Divide your students into groups of 4-5
  • Give them a piece of paper and 2 or 3 cards of each kind (for example: 3 characters, 2 objects 2 setting cards).
  • Make them think about a general idea of their story.
  • Students have to decide and write the tittle on the top of the paper
  • Each grup must work on it.

In progress…


In this activity, students have to create a story by playing with the Story Cubes!

Age: 9-10 years oldPicsArt_03-08-07.42.48


  • Story cubes
  • Some vocabulary to help them

How to play:

  • Divide the class into small groups.
  • Give them 1 or 2 dice for each group.
  • Roll the dice
  • Each student has to do a simple story with all the words that appear in cubes.


Age: 11-12 years old.

Material: PicsArt_03-08-07.43.18

  • storycubes
  • cards with characters, setting or objects
  • scaffolding to build a story

How to play:

  • One student or the techer starts the story, and the person next to him/her has to continue it!
  • It works like a chain.

You can also display your students in groups and start the activity with short chains. Later you can try to do a story chain with the whole class!

To print: 

  • Vocabulary to connect ideas! I prepare a worksheet that you can use as a poster for your classroom, or you can give it to your students to help them on creating stories!


To buy:

  • Storycubes: there are many kinds of storycubes in amazon! I found them really useful. Not only for storymaps; they are a really good material for speaking or writing activities!
  • What’s Up: Cards with drawings. In my opinion it’s a very useful material you can use in many different activities!

That’s all for this week!

Next,I am coming with the last part of storymaps!





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