Story Maps (part 2)


Hello everyone!

How is your week going?

In my case… I am having a very strange but nice week! Carnival is here, and the school seems to be a little bit CRAZY! I am doing different activities ( NOT ORDINARY LESSONS) which I really appreciate…

Well, today I am coming with the second part of STORY MAPS!


If you haven’t checked my last POST, I recommend you to do it, in order to understand it better. After knowing a little bit about how to analyze stories with children, we can start deeping on it!


I recommend you to first create a corner or display in your classroom with some vocabulary or structures. It is important to give your students some scaffolding and examples to check. For example:

  • Characters
  • Settings
  • Main parts of a story

You can use my worksheet  to build your Story display or you can also design your own story board like mine:


Look at the following examples too!

Resultat d'imatges de story maps displayResultat d'imatges de story maps display









The next activity I want to show you is a very simple but useful activity in my opinion…

The idea is to work on adjectives. Your students have to find ou adjectives that can go with the characters. Try to give them easy and general characters, because it would be easy for them!

With my students, I first gave them a list of adjectives that you can also download for free, and after that, they work in groups:



  • Who is who with characters: prepare little cards with characters, and use hem to play the who is who game.


  • What’s in my head: with the same cards, make your students guess who are they. They have to stick their picture on their head. They would have to ask questions to their partners to guess their character.


For these variations, you can download THIS material!



That’s all for this week!

I really hope you like it!

Lots of kisses!






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