Up and Down


Hello teachers!

Today I am coming with a new book by Oliver Jeffers!  Yes… I know… I am obssesed with him… But… HE IS AMAZING! His books are so good, and from my point of view so different from the others I know.

Well, this story is like the second part of LOST and Found, and in this case, the penguin wants to do something by himself… Do you know what?

He wants to fly!

I’ve been working on the story, and I designed some activities and ideas to use in class!




If your students already know Lost and Found, it would be so nice to work with Up and Down! You can make them remember the characters, or the author…

For example:

  • Write the title of the story on the board, and make them think on it.
  • Show them the penguin or the boy (pictures), and make them predict what is going to happen.
  • Give them some clues and let your students guess it!


As you will see, this book has many details to talk about during the storytelling.

Resultado de imagen de up and down  oliver jeffers

For example in this picture, you can see that the two characters are doing many different activities, and it let you work on (present continuous, free time activities, can/can’t…)

There is also, the secret message that I found in this story;

Follow your dreams

It is something really important to work with children. So, make them reflect about it:

What do you think? Can the penguin fly? Why? Do you think it is a good idea? It is a good idea to keep trying?


After the story I though that it would be a good idea to talk about the penguins. Investigate why they can not fly if they are birds. In  my opinion that’s something really interesting, and it can become a PROJECT.

Also, it is nice to work a little bit of Geography, and make them know where the South Pole is. It could be nice to have a World Map in class and make your students think about the South Pole facts.

Here I show you some resources to work on the project:

Some interesting websites to work on the Penguin Project:

I also recommend you Oliver Jeffers World where you will find many activities to print. I have to say that they are so simple, but they can be useful.

Have a nice week!





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