Science Books


Hello everyone!

Today I am coming with a book review of a collection that I found so good for Science lessons. They have many different books about many different topics, but I fall in love with the following two…


I am sure you will know about Usborne books. They have been so famous, and they still have a lot of impact because of their format. They are science books for kids, but with a lot of information.

In my opinion, they have so nice pictures, and the idea of beeing a Flap book  makes students feel so ethusiastics when reading them!


From my point of view, you can use this kind of books in two different ways, depending on the idea that you have in mind, the number of students, or their English level.

Science  Library 

One simple idea could be to create a Science Library corner in your classroom to display all your Science Books. It can be a good way to make them find information they don’t know, or as a “FAST FINISHER” idea.

For those who don’t know what a fast finisher is; There are many situations in the class where the fast kids finsih their tasks before, and they never have something to do. So, I recommend you to create a little Science Library and use it as a FAST FINISHER activity!

You can also create a WORKSHEET to make them councious of their learning process.

Here I give you an example.

Science Traveling Books

The other idea could be to create a Science Traveling Suitcase, where your students will find a book and some activities to do with it. Depending on the topics you want to work, you can include some a¡other activities related to it.

I always recommend to include different activities , in order to work different skills.

  • Something visual: like a video, a map, a drawing.
  • Something to write: Prepare some worksheets.
  • Something to draw or build: Make them draw or build something.

You can also watch the video about these two books  in my Channel!

That’s all for this week!

Lots of kisses!





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