Hello everyone!

How is your week going?

Today I come with some ideas to start collaborative learning projects and arrange tables and chairs in the classroom. Personally, I like to have my students sitting in groups, because I usually do many group tasks. But sometimes, depending on the size of your class, the number of students and the age of them, you need another arrangement.



Collaborative learning is a method of teaching and learning in which students team together to explore a significant question or create a meaningful project.

In small groups, students can share strengths and also develop their weaker skills. They develop their interpersonal skills. They learn to deal with conflict. When cooperative groups are guided by clear objectives, students engage in numerous activities that improve their understanding of subjects explored.

  • learners actively participate;
  • teachers become learners at times, and learners sometimes teach;
  • respect is given to every member;
  • projects and questions interest and challenge students;
  • diversity is celebrated, and all contributions are valued;
  • students learn skills for resolving conflicts when they arise;
  • members draw upon their past experience and knowledge;
  • goals are clearly identified and used as a guide;
  • research tools such as Internet access are made available;
  • students are invested in their own learning.




This is the most known strategy, because is the most used… I think.

Well, the idea is to group students into groups of 5. Each students is going to have a role, or a task. In my opinion, it is a good way to make them resposible of something, and try to work different intelligences.

There is a group leader: Makes sure everyone is working hard, getting along in the group, and following classroom and project rules.

  • There is a time keeper: Reminds the group of how much time is left in the projects and that there is no time to play.
  • There is a material manager:  Gets all materials. The only person allowed to leave the groups work area to get materials, returns extra materials, or throw away any trash.
  • There is a scribe: Writes everything down for the group. Records all data.
  • And there is an encourager: Group Cheerleader. Tells the group they can do it even if the group thinks the project is too hard.


Circle Charts

First of all, divide the class in two groups, and make them form two circles; an inner circle and an outer circle.

After that, the outer circle can ask questions about the topic to the people in the inner circle ( children work in pairs).

When the teacher says, they change their position and people in the inner circle wil go to the outer circle.


Expert groups

First of all, group the students into 4 expert groups.These groups should be strategically organized in heterogenous groups in regards to student ability.  Each of these groups will have cover a unique topic or have a unique task to accomplish.

 For example, you could divide a reading selection from a social studies or science textbook into 4 equal parts.  The students in these groups are responsible for becoming “Experts” in their topic of study.

After the “Experts” have gathered to learn their assigned topics in-depth, they can then be dispersed into numbered groups, which will contain one “Expert” from each group. During this time, “Experts” will present to the other members of the group.



I also prepared some stuff in order to start with the collaborative learning, I hope you like it! You will find a PDF with cards for the experts, and another PDF with cards for the roles.

That’s all for this week!

Lots of kisses!












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