Roll a speaking game!


elledesigns_MAW_paper_bannerHello everyone! How is your week going?

Today I am coming with something you will LOVE! I am sure!

I’ve been searching and thinking speaking games to do using DICE, and OMG there are millions of activities to do with this simple material. I have to say that my students ( 8-9 years old) really enjoy dice games.


In my opinion, it is something easy to prepare, cheap, and motivating for the pupils. Everyone can find DICE easily, but if you want to know where I bought these, they are from TIGER ! Let’s have a look…


The first game I would like to share with you is simple. The idea is make the students speak about something specific. I found this example on Pinterest, but you can also creat your own worksheet, depending on the topics you want to do.



This game could be for those younger students. Maybe (5-7). If you want them to review vocabulary of different topics. It is good to make them think about all the words they know about ANIMALS, or FOOD or JOBS… This simple game consists in rolling the dice and say as many words as possible related to the topic that it’s writen next to the dice drawing.

The other possibility is make them say a sentence using a word of the topic on it. Also, depending on the nuber they have, they can include that number of words on that sentence. So, if they have a 2 and means animals they should say a sentence where 2 animals appear.



To practise SPELLING, It is nice to use letter dice. Make them roll the dice, and depending on the letter, they have to say one word or another. For example, if they have S, they have to say a word that starts with that letter.

If you don’t have letter dice ( I haven’t) You can make a worksheet where each number can be 3 or 4 different letters.  And if you want, you can buy “BLANK DICE” on amazon and make your own dice.



Then, you can also make your students build their own dice. It is known that when they learn something by doing, they will acquire the content better. Use each face of the dice to write the vocabulary you want them to work.

Resultado de imagen de dice vocabulary


And finally, I also have found this material in Amazon. Maybe they are good for older students. The idea is make them finish the sentence. I think they are so good, not only for speaking, also to make them write stories or sentences!





That’s all for this week. I hope you like it. If you try any of these games, please, let me know about the result!

Have a nice week beauties!




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