Lost and found


Hello everyone!

How is your year going?

As you know, I love stories and that’s what I am going to talk about today! There’s nothing better than start the first post of the year with a beautiful story!

And today I am sharing with you a treasure by Oliver Jeffers! 



The story talks about a boy who found a penguin at his door. The boy didn’t know where it had come from, but he started to follow him everywhere. They become friends quickly, but they had something to do. They must find the penguin’s home.

In my opinion it is a very cute story that talks about friendship. It can help your children to understand the meaning of beeing lonley or lost, and try to make them empathise with the rest of the children.Resultado de imagen de oliver jeffers



I recommend you to explain this story to children around 6-10 years old. Younger children would understand the story, but maybe not everything.


I always recommend to do something special or different with each story, but it depends on the number of students you have, their age… Anyway, I would say to tell the story by using different objects to make them understand better the story.

A penguin toy and a hat for a boy. Make them act while you explain the story!

Print some object images and make them participate in the story!

 Make them move or act by doing gestures. Use the TPR methodology!


There’s also a short film of the story, which I really recommend! I would use it at the end of the teaching unit, but it’s up to you! Here you can find the link to buy it!


I always prepare the activities by dividing them in 3 groups: (BEFORE, DURING and AFTER). In my opinion it is so important to put the activities in order, because it is easier to organize and find its sense. So… LET’S GO!


Before the story, I had the idea to make them fel part of it, so I would bring some objects:

A penguin toy for the penguin, a hat for the boy, an umbrella…

Imagen relacionada  Resultado de imagen de stripped hatResultado de imagen de yellow umbrella


During the storytelling I like to make them do gestures, or repeat sentences. It is also nice to make them predict the end of the story, or make them think about the feelings of the characters.


As you know this story is one of my favourites, that’s why I prepared many material to share with you! I hope you like it! There are material and resources for young ages and for older students. Depending on the activities, you can adapt the stories to any age!


Depending on what kind of activities you prefer, it is nice to have something else to make your students think about the story. I like to include creative ideas, so I hope you like them! You can download the worksheets by clicking on the link!

  • Worksheet 1 : These activities are designed for young children ( 5-7) .
  • Worksheet 2: These activities are desined for older students (8-11)


I like to do something related with art in every teaching unit, and that’s what I found!

It could be nice to make them create something b their own.

Resultado de imagen de lost and found oliver jeffers crafts


When you find a nice story to do with your students is amazing, but when that story has a short film… That’s better! 🙂

Resultado de imagen de lost and found film   Resultado de imagen de lost and found film





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