Socks for Santa

Resultado de imagen de christmas banners

Hello everybody!

Only 4 days and the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS start!

I am very happy to show you this beautiful story ! I’ve been using it with my students and the result is AMAZING!




As you will probably know, I really like to do activities before explaining the story and this is my proposal . I was searching some images on the Internet, and I found these pretty flashcards at Super Simple Learning webpage. They are good and they match a lot with the vocabulary in the story.

It is really interesting to use the flash cards also to work on verbs: wraping, sweing, sleeping, writing….


Here you can watch and listen the story readed by me… Hope you ENJOY!

During the story, I like to make them feel part of it, so I try to ask them questions to predict what is going to happen!Resultat d'imatges de super simple songs christmas flashcards

I also like to use TPR, and for this story, I give my students some flashcards, and when they hear that words in the story, they have to repeat the word and do a gesture. That’s nice to make them understand some new vocabulary.


Finally, after the story, I prepared a very simple but rich activity to do with my students. I wanted to make them write a letter to Santa, but I told them not to ask for toys or things like that. I asked them to write something more important. They did it in groups, so they had to make decisions and speak in English with their partners!

If you want the PDF of the Letter Template, just click HERE and download!

Then, I correct the letters, and that’s one of the results:



Resultado de imagen de christmas banners



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