TOP 5 crafts for Christmas


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Hello everybody! How is your week going?

I am so excited because the end of the 1rst term is comming and I want to do many things before it ends…


Today I am coming with my TOP 5 Christmas crafts! I’ve been searching some ideas on PINTEREST, and that’s what I’ve found! Hope you like them!

1.Christmas tree

Pine cone Christmas tree craft

 Some years ago I did this beautiful tree with children in the school, and the final result is so nice! You will need:

– A Pine cone

-A star

– Green painting

– A little pot

2. Reindeer

Christmas crafts for the kids toilet paper roll and pipe cleaners:

What do you think about this beautiful paper reindeer? It is a cute and an easy craft to do with children. It’s nice because you can do it with different materials.

– Brown cardboard

– Red stickers for the nose

– Some eyes ( or any materials to do the eyes)

– Some sticks to do the horns.




3. Christmas ornaments

diy christmas ornaments ideas Look at this shiny christmas ornaments to decorate your tree!

In my opinion they are easy to do and children will love to do a shinny ornament for sure! You just need to start sticking little pieces of newspaper with a water and glue mixure. Then, add some glitter using the same mixture.

You will need:

– A simple ornament

– Some newspapers

– Glue and water (mixture)

– Glitter

4. Christmas garland

christmas crafts:


This is another beautiful and easy craft to do with children. You can use many different materials depending on the age of your students.

Possible mateial:

– Pine cones

– string

– some clothing

– cardboards


5. Snow globe

car-in-mason-jar-snow-globe (9 of 15) - Copy Finally, I show you one of my favourite crafts ! I have to say, that this is the most difficult to do with children, but maybe you can do it too!

You will need:

– A glass or plastic pot

– Little objects to put inside.

– Glitter or something similar to do the “snow”

– Some water



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