Over and Under the snow


Today I am sharing with you some activities to do with this wonderful book.

Last year I discovered the book, and I am completely in love with it! In my opinion it  contains so many topics and things to work, and there is a beautiful message about taking care of nature.


Usually, I try to use a story to work many different things. And with Over and Under the snow, you have many possibilities! First of all, I would like to say that it isn’t an easy story, so maybe you can use it in older ages. Of course there is an infinite range of possibilities, but I am showing you some of them! I really hope you like the activities!


After reading the story, you can ask your students some questions to reflect about the “habitat” of the animals in the story. You can speak about the animals, the weather, the vegetation…

Resultado de imagen de over and under the snow

A good way to work this beautiful story could be through ECOSYSTEMS! I personally like to use videos and make them think about it, by answering some questions or make the, discuss.

For example:

They can also search some information about the animals that appear in story. At the end of the book, they can find some pages with information of the animals in the story, so it can be nice to use it!

Working on animals

Talking about animals and ecosystems, I found this nice video at the CRASH COURSE KIDS Youtube Channel! I can tell you their videos are so so AMAZING!

I also found this nice video from Discovery Youtube channel. You can use it to talk about the animals that live under the snow.


As I said before, this story has a difficult vocabulary, and it can be useful to widen their vocabulary.


If you have young students, a nice idea could be to hide some animal toys around the class and make your students find them! ( ex: Where is the giraffe? – It is under the table).

2. Verbs:

There are many different verbs at the story, and it can be nice to work on them. For example you can make lists of verbs that the story uses for the animals and the verbs that are used for humans.

3. Animals vocabulary:

Of course animals! There are many different animals in the story, so why not work on this vocabulary topic? It’s nice, because there are some “difficult” animals such as shrews, voles, beavers, chimpmunks and bumblebees.


Searching some examples to do something related with art, I found SO MANY! Here I share with you some ideas from pinterest! I hople you like them!

Arctic biome model:   Bleeding+Tissue+Paper+Skies:

Michaels Antarctica Craft- Iceberg | Download the instructions and supply list. http://www.michaels.com/Passport:    over and under the snow- Great elementary school art project shared by a teacher (via pinkieup):




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