Hello teachers!

Today I am coming with my November favourites! You will find some resources I’ve been using this month. I hope you enjoy it!



Books and tales

Without doubts, the Smartest Giant in Town. It was amazing to explain this story, because my students really enjoy it and it was perfect to go further on clothes topic.

Resultado de imagen de the smartest giant in town

Meet the teacher

This month, I’ve been crazy for an amazing teacher, she is so good! I am so happy to discover her, because I am learning a lot from her ideas! She has a Youtube channel which I really recommend you! She is The Glitter Teacher!

Resultado de imagen de the glitter teacher


I am completely in love with the GLASTUSCHER (glass pens) from TIGER! They are so useful, and they work very good! I use them to write some info on the windows! I allways need more space in the class, and they have helped me a lot! They are really easy to clean too!



Last week I went to a realy interesting event by GEG ( Google Education Group). It was a very useful and fresh morning. We had the possibility to enjoy some talks from Gonzalo Romero  , an amazing communicator who really knows how schools should change. I also had the pleasure to listen to Santi Hierro, one of the creators of EDpuzzle! If you don’t  know this tool, please check it! They have created a useful app, easy to understand and easy to apply in class.

Resultado de imagen de Edpuzzle



I started using the #littlesheriff method to make my students speak in English at class. As you will know, it is something difficult to achieve with young students, because they don’t have enough vocabulary to speak a lot. One day, last year, I was trying to make them do a speaking activity, some groups didn’t do it in English… Suddenly, I saw a kid saying to another:- You should speak in English!  And the #littlesheriff idea came into my mind!

I use it as a prize for those who really try to speak in English, it is a way to motivate them to speak. It works!


That’s all for this week! I hope you have a nice week!





3 comentarios en “NOVEMBER FAVOURITES!

    • Hello! I have 4 stars in the class. Every day, 4 kids have the role of being the sheriffs. Their job is check that everybody in the class speaks in English. I usually do many group activities, and it works!

      The thing is that, they are very excited to be the sheriffs and speak in English too! I think it’s a good idea!

      Me gusta


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