History through Disney films

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Hello teachers!

Today I am showing you some Disney films that are perfect to work some world historical moments. In my opinion they are very clear and easy to understand. I also find some worksheets you can download and use at class! Hope you like it!



This is one of my favourite Disney films! In my opinion it is a perfect example to work the truth of colonization. In this film, we can explain how it was and work the importance of world conservation. Resultat d'imatges de pocahontasWe can learn many social aspects from Procahontas; the role of women and men, the importance of the civilization, the sense of citizentship…

For young ages: Colors of the wind song!

For teens: Here you have a text about who was Pocahontas in real life. It is very interesting!

Robin hood

Resultat d'imatges de robin hood disneyEverybody knows this story! From my point of view an easy film to make students understand the social roles in the middle age. Personally, I can say it is a very good example to analize the importance of the kings and how the economic system worked. In Robin hood, we can see how the differences between the levels of the society were arranged.

Young ages: Be robbin Hood! I recommend you to create some paper hats and build a good arch and an arrow! Here I show you some examples:

Paper hat


Teens:In my opinion a good activity is practise the Play!  Here you can find the script!

The Hunchback of Notre DameResultat d'imatges de the hunchback of notre dame

This is a story about discrimination. This beautiful film narrates the hard life of a gipsy and a hunchback. It shows how important was the church in that age. In my opinion, it is perfect to work on discrimination. There are many scenes where the injustice is shown, and gives us the oportunity to talk about it with students.

Young ages: Describing characters! A good activity would be to compare the characters that appear in the story and try to find the main differences between them!

Teens: I share with you this pdf to work with students.

I also found THIS pdf with more activities!

Atlantis: The lost Empire

Resultat d'imatges de atlantis the lost empireAtlantis is a legendary city, which was lost. Possibly it was an entire continent which has been subme
rged beneath the sea, possibly as a result of volcanic activiity or huge earthquake. A part from the greek civilization, I think it is a good example of film where the importance of the scientist is shown. There are many scenes related to inventors and scientists.

Young ages: During the film, you would appreciate a strange language… it is the Atlantean language, which was created for the film. I would like to show you an original activity, and I found the alphabet!


Teens: I found these worksheets! I hope you like them!

I also share with you the PEARSON activities!


Anastasia is a film that can be located in the Russian Revolution.The main character is the lost daughter of the last tsar of the russian Empire. The story is full of details about that time. In the film there are a huge group of scenes of arquitecture. From my point of view it is easy to work on art, clothing, buildings…

Resultat d'imatges de anastasia

Young ages: Here you can find a quizz about the film!

Teens: For teenagers, I share this document with you. There are some interesting activities, that you can adapt in your classes! Enjoy them!


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  1. ¡Me superencanta Disney, teacher! Mil gracias por las recomendaciones. ¡Qué contenta estoy de haber encontrado tu blog! Si te parece bien, te voy a agregar a la linky party que he hecho en mi blog 😀
    Una abraçada!

    Me gusta


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