Spooky crafts and recipies!

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Hello teachers!

Today I am coming with Halloween crafts and recipies to do with children. They are very easy and you can do them at class or at home. So… LET’S GO!



Hunted house

To do this hunted house you will need:p1030398

1  juice box

black acrilic painting

some transparent paper (yellow better)

spooky decorations


First of all you have to clean the juice box , and make the windows you want. After that, you can start painting it with black colour. When the box is ready, you can start with the windows and decorations.


Halloween candle

This is a very easy and fast craft, you can do it at home too. It is very simple, and the final result is so nice!p1030415

You will need:

One candle

One black marker


The first thing you have to do is clean the candle glass. Then search a nice picture on the net, you can copy easily. Then you can start drawing!

Halloween Printables



Resultado de imagen de oreo spider cookies

This is my favourite recipie to do with children! It is very easy and They really enjoy spiders! If you saw my last post I talked about some stories. One of them was about spiders! You can use this recipie too!

You will need:

Oreo cookies


Some licorice





This is a salty recipie, that you can also do in classroom. You will need only 4 ingredients, and your students will have a really funny time doing it.

Resultado de imagen de mummy sandwiches

You will need:

Some bread slices

Tomatoe sauce




That’s all for today! Have a nice weekend!


Resultado de imagen de halloween banner clipart



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