If the broom fits, ride it !

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Hello everybody!

Today I am showing you some Halloween stories and films to work with children! I really hope you like them!


Of course there are many stories and tales to use, but I make a selection of my favourite ones! Because of the text and the ideas in each story, I decided to separate them in 2 different groups depending on the age of your students.

Group 1: Around 3-6 years old

AHHrg Spider!Resultado de imagen de aaargh spider

This is a very funny story about a spider who wants to be the pet of a family. It is not exactly a halloween story, but spiders are a good animal to work during this celebration.

A nice idea would be to build a spider!



Resultado de imagen de spider craft


Go away bResultado de imagen de go away big green monsterig green monster

In my opinion this tale is perfect to work the parts of the face and colors. There are many activities to do related to monsters or parts of the face. Here I show you some links!

Pinterest resources





GROUP 2: 6-10 years old

Room on the broom

Resultado de imagen de rom on the broom

A very famous story of Julia Donaldson.

There are many resources to work this story in class. You can check Julia Donaldson webpage too. Some activities to do:

  • Sing the song
  • Build a magnificent broom
  • Act out!

We are going on a Ghost huntResultado de imagen de we are going on a ghost hunt


For those who know “We are going on the bear hunt”, here there is the Halloween version! If your students like the other story, they will absolutely adore this one!

It would be nice to make them represent the story!


A very brave witch

It’s halloween and the very brave witch is very excited about her favourite night.She adores costumes and decorations. But… she is afraid of humans… It is a very nice story to work on emotions and feelings too.

Resultado de imagen de a very brave witch

And finally, this is my selection of films for Halloween! They are all very nice, and I am sure teachers and parents would enjoy them too. I choose the following 6! Hope you like them!

Resultado de imagen de hocus pocus Resultado de imagen de the nightmare before christmas Resultado de imagen de addams family

Resultado de imagen de beetlejuice Resultado de imagen de edward scissorhands poster Resultado de imagen de casper pelicula


Resultado de imagen de halloween banner clipart


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