Creativity is a wild mind & a disciplined eye…


Hello teachers!

Today I would like to talk about creativity. Yes… I know … everybody writes about creativity… But what I would like to share with you is a list of ways to promote creativity in a class. Sometimes we are too stuck on the curriculum and the year plan, but we shouldn’t forget that we have to provide our students spaces to create, imagine, think and learn.



Ken Robinson, one of my favourite education experts talked about the importance of creativity and how schools kill them… In my opinion things are changing, and the new teacher generations are improving methodologies. On the other hand, it is important to know how to work creativity, because it isn’t a free drawing.



Give your students the opportunity to build something. There are many options to make them build objects, machines… Of course you could give them some instructions about what kind of object they have to create, but itis nice to give them some freedom to think and create. Here I show you some examples:

Summer reading...make a robot out of trash...maybe a digging robot.  Have kids bring stuff and we can assemble.: robot en plastique                                                                                                                                                      Más:  Que práctico: Los niños hacen marionetas a partir de rollos de TP, papel de seda y perlas pintadas.:   Shoe Box Rainforest - Bing Images @tracylynncruz:   Maquetas y arte                                                                                                                                                                                 Más:


This activity can be very useful in many subjects, but in my opinion it is better to use it in Natural or Social Science. The idea is to make our students think about a different or strange situation. It is wonderful listening to their ideas and opinions about new situations. I give you some:Resultado de imagen de imagine

  • What could happen if animals speak?
  • What could happen if the earth turns smaller?
  • What could happen if the Internet doesn’t exist?
  • What could happen if the school doesn’t exist?
  • What could happen if we all speak the same language?


Nowadays, it is essential to be a resolutive person. Be creative is more than be good at drawing, painting, playing an instrument… A creative person has new ideas to solve problems, to create new things, to manage some bad situations… That’s why I find problem solving so important. Here I show you some examples I found. Click on the image!

30 Problem Solving Scenarios for Speech Therapy Practice    3 FREE social problem solving role play worksheets to help students use a 4-step process to solving their problems instead of reacting:   Resultado de imagen de problem solving


Make your student listen to any kind of music you like. They will probably have their own opinion about this song. Maybe, they would like it, or maybe not… But… what would happen if you make them join n groups and give them the opportunity to build a story? Try it! I used to do this activity in my dance classes, but I think it could be useful in any group and class. Here I share my playlist (click on the picture):


The next activity I really love is just get dirty! I adore paintings and my students too! The idea is make them create spray paintings by using any kind of materials. After that, give them the freedom to create anything they want. They can paint on a paper, on a t-Shirt, on a object… Just paint!

I really hope you like all these creative ideas! Have fun and BE YOUR OWN MAGIC!





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