Films to watch (Family time)

Today I am sharing you some of my favourite films to watch with your family/friends/children.

In my opinion all of them are good to watch with children around 11 or 12 years old, but some of the films should be watched with an adult. You will see that my selection doesn’t have any cartoon film, and that’s because I think it is nice to watch different kind of motion pictures.


1.Matilda (1996):

My first one is a story about a wonderful girl who is supposed to have special powers. Matilda loves reading and her school level is higher than the rest of her classmates. A sweet film about kindness and magic.

Values and topics: Kindness, Self-improvement, Family and Respect.

2. My Girl(1991):

 I am in love with this film, but I have to say that it could be hard for children who is more emotional. It is a drama about two good friends who want to grow up. A charming story with sad moments that will make you reflect about your life.

Values and topics: Family, friendship, Death, Love, Childhood.     

3.Billy Elliot(2000):

 This is a very special film for me, because it made me value the Art of dance. If you are a dance lover you will adore this film, but if you don’t you will understand how hard it is. It is a story that talks about the stereotype of men and how a young boy has to fight against them.

Values and topics: Kindness, Stereotype, Respect,Family, Friendship, Love, Passion.

4.The Chorus(2004):

 Everything takes place in a boarding school where all the students are boys. All of them seem to have problems, but when the Music teacher arrives things change!

Values and topics: Friendship, Respect, Education, Kindness, Passion, Love.

5.School of rock(2003):

 A comedy to watch with yur family or friends. A story about how important is motivation. A new teacher arrives in class and he is going to transform all the students of his class. A review of the education system which will make you reflect a lot.

Values and topics: Friendship,Motivation, Education, Kindness, Respect.

6. The Truman show( 1998): 

In my opinion this is a film for older children, because there are some aspects that younger kids would not understand. A satire about Television companies, marketing and the consumer society where we live. A sad story where the main character is seen and controlled.

Values and topics : Consumerism, Friendship, Love, Fear, Self-esteem .

7.Bridge to Terabithia(2007):

A sweet movie about two friends with a lot of imagination. A story full of fantasy, lovely moments and kindness. It is a good film to reflect about the importance of friendship. The two friends are crazy with their new discovery Terabithia which will make them enjoy their childhood.

Values and topics: Love, Friendship, Adventures, Imagination.

8.A little Princess(1995):

Sara is a little girl with a lot of imagination and personality. His father makes her believe in herself, and that’s something the rest of the girls in the boarding school admire. The main character believes that every girl is a princess, but the headmistress attempts to stifle the little girl creativity and her sense of self-worth.

Values and topics: Kindness, Love, Self-esteem, Friendship, Childhood and Family.

9.Nim’s Island(2008):

A young girl lives in an isolated island with his father who is a scientist. The little girl communicates with the author of the novel she is reading. Anything can happen in this island. This is a magic story full of fantasy that everyone will love!

Values and topics: Kindness, Family, Adventures, Love.


This is a very famous story about a little girl who lives in a orphanage. She is a very creative and active girl who is always trying to have fun. This is the newest adaptation and I can say it is really good.

Values and topics: Kindness, Friendship, Love, Family.





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