20 FACTS about me (Special 500 followers)

WE ARE 500 in CLASS CLASS YES YES! And I just can say THANK YOU!

I started this Blog just to write, and share things related to education that can be interesting for those who want to read it… But I realized that I LOVE this blog, and you really make me work hard to improve every week. For this reason, I am very happy to do a special POST ! Today I am telling you 20 fact about me! So… let’s GO!


  1. I am LEO. I was born the 3rd of August (1991) .
  2. I hate liars.
  3. My favourite COLOR is BLUE.
  4. I always leave lights on.
  5. I have one tattoo.
  6. I have more than one passion, but the 1st one is DANCING.
  7.  I never have enough shoes.
  8. I love Surprises!
  9. I never remember my DREAMS.
  10. I am so demanding… with myself, but also with the others…
  11. I have big problems to find a book to read.
  12. I have a headghog .
  13. I admire my father.
  14. I cry… I always cry…
  15. I listen to music all the time.
  16. I am catalan, and I LOVE CATALUNYA!!!
  17. I love coffee, but I never finish a cup of it…
  18. I am obsessed with nails.
  19. I laugh a lot with Jim Carrey.
  20. I love curly hair.



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