Stories to LIVE and LOVE



This week I am presenting you some of my favourite stories to work emotional intelligence with students. I am very interested in methodologies that work emotions and values. I strongly believe that we need students able to know their own emotions and students able to recognize others emotions too.


This is my top 5 of Stories to LIVE and LOVE! HOPE YOU LIKE THEM!


TOPIC: Feelings

I am sure you all know this amazing story by Anna Llenas. It is a simple story full of messages about feelings and emotions. This tale is about a monster who doesn’t understand his feelings at all. This monster has a friend who is going to help him! There are many activities already done about this beautiful tale. HERE you can find some of them!


TOPIC:The importance of being loved

Do you like cactus? They can seem dangerous with his body full of prickles… but sometimes they just need a HUG! If you want to work the importance of being loved with your students I recommend you this beautiful story!


TOPIC: Fears

This book explains the story of Laszlo, a boy who was afraid of THE DARK. In my opinion, it is a good way to work fears with children. Everybody is afraid of something!



TOPIC: Everyone is good at something.

Gerald is a giraffe who really wants to dance, but in the Jungle, all the animals say that he can’t do it because GIRAFFES CAN’T DANCE. Every student is good at something, but we usually remind them that they are bad at Maths, or at Science…  It is really important to help them find their own space/ place/ subject where they feel confortable to improve and be good at it. Do you want some ideas for activities? HERE you can find some of them!


TOPIC: The importance of being different.

And finally! I present you the amazing story of The Chimpanzees of HAPPY TOWN! The story takes place in a sad and grey town, where all the houses were the same colour, all the chimpanzees wear the same kind of clothes… One day a traveler decided to plant a seed and grow up a beautiful tree. This is a story to work the difference and the benefit of being different.

So that’s all for today! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!



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