STEP 4: The scoreboard


Hello again!

Let’s start with the fourth step in WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING!

The scoreboard is a motivational device to keep students on task! Children, as the rest of the people is moved by interests. Sometimes, it is difficult to mantain their motivation… and make them behave is imposible. With the scoreboard, your students are going to find motivation to keep working!



The SCOREBOARD is a grid of two columns. The happy column and the sad column. When the students do something wrong, the teacher gives them a sad point. On the other hand, when they do something good, the teacher gives them a happy point.

It is important to make them understand that they are a team, and they have to fight and work hard to mantain happy faces in the scoreboard. When children get a happy face they should say: OH YES! Whereas when they get a sad face, they shout: OH NO!


Depending on your group of students, you can adapt it, but I recommend you to give them a “prize” when they get 5 happy faces (FOR EXAMPLE). The prize could be a game at the end of the class.

  1. Ping pong

Normally, when you give a happy face, your students are relaxed and sometimes they get a sad face after some minutes. That’s why I recommend you to give a happy face and then a sad face or vice versa.

  • Teacher: I give you a happy face, because you are working very hard, but some students were not working…so I give you a sad face too.

2. Marker move

This is a good variation if you want to make them know how they behaviour is going. Move your marker near the sad face or the happy face, depending on their attitude. It works as a warning.

3. Boombox

You go in with a boombox and place it in the front of the room, far from where it would be hooked up. Each positive mark on the Scoreboard gets an OH! YEAH! and you move the boombox closer to where it could be pugged in. 4. Fakes

4. Double points

You can use double points when you want to reward your students. I recommend you not using them everyday.

5. Beat the clock

Go in with a kitchen timer, pick one of the rules to work on. Tell them you are going to take into account how they speak by raising their hands during 2 minutes. This is a good idea, if you want to reinforce a particular behaviour.

6. Team scorebord

Sometimes, it is nice to divide them in groups, so that, you can use the scoreboard dividing it in two teams!

Here I give you the possibility to download my SCOREBOARD! Hope you like it and please, let me know if you use it in class! Click on the picture!

The scoreboard

See you 🙂




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