Let’s continue with Whole Brain teaching! Today, I am showing the 2nd step: Teach,  okey!

PicsArt_1461781607168Many researches related with Brain based learning indicate that students learn the most when they are involved in teaching each other. That’s why this second step is so powerful!

Whole brain teaching believes in communication as something essential in a teaching-learning process. The TEACH, OKEY! gives a very important role to the communicative skill.


Imagine you are in a Science class, and today you need to teach the five groups of vertebrate animals. The traditional way to do this would be explain the 5 groups to your students and make them do some activities about it. Probably, during your explanation, five or 6 students would lose some important contents. But what happens when not only you explain the content?

  1. Choose a content: try to choose short ones or divide them in shorter parts.
  2. Explain the content to your students.
  3. Told your students that they have to work in pairs.
  4. Ask them to teach that content to their partners!
  5. You will see how powerful is it!

Here I show you some examples! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

And now… Look at this clas… OH MY GOD! I want that balls in my class!



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