How many times did you start your classes by saying:

” Sit down please”, “silence”,” be quiet”,” one…,two… and three!”, “Listen…”

In WBT classrooms, you only need to say CLASS! And everyone is going to know that they have to pay attention! Let’s see how it works!


Sometimes your classes start after another class where kids where using other material, other books, they were siting in a different way… and all this stuff should be ready to start your class… That’s why we need short, easy and concrete instructions that make them understand what is going on!

In order to have they attention you have to explain them how it works, and what they have to do.

The teacher starts:

  • Teacher: Ohhhh Class!
  • Students: Ohhhh Yes!
  • Teacher: Class Class Class!
  • Sudents: Yes Yes Yes!

Nowadays, our classes are full of different students who don’t learn by the same way. Anyway, they need to get along with the rest of the class and be a part of it. That’s why this CLAS! YES! is good and useful, because you would not need to say individual names anymore which is something good for them. Everyone in the class plays the same role and the CLASS YES! is for all of them!

BUt there are some variations:

  • OH OH YES!
  • Classity Classity!
  • Yesity Yesity!
  • Claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
  • Class ( with any gesture)
  • Yes! ( with any gesture)

Finally, watch this video by Chris Biffle where he explains how to use this powerful CLASS! YES!



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