Hello everyone!

After a lot of research and practise, I am glad to talk about WBT! For those who doesn’t know it yet, it is an amazing methodology to use in class! As you will probably know, in a class we can find a variety of children with different abilities, difficulties, interests, behaviours…. and it is not easy…



“WBT is a revolutionary teaching system based on cutting edge learning research, used by thousand of educators around the world.” ( Chris Biffle)

The origin of this teaching system, starts when teachers around the world saw that they couldn’t teach classes that didn’t listen. This methodology helps teachers and students enjoy the learning process. WBT is a good methodology, because it is a brain based methodology which activates and works every single part of our brain.


The first step is to know a little bit of seven teaching techniques ( THE BIG SEVEN)

  1. Class-Yes: This technique activates the prefrontal cortex. When the teacher says Class, all the students in the class should answer with a Yes!
  2. Teach- Okey: In this technique, students work on instructional gestures where five brain areas are working ( visual cortex, motor cortex, Broca’s area, Wernicke’s area and the limbic system). Students are asked to explain something to their partners.
  3. The five classroom rules: They activate many areas of the brain and involve them on a common objective which is maintain the good atmosphere of the class.
  4. The Scoreboard: There is a scoreboard where the teacher gives the students Happy faces or Sad faces depending on their behaviour or good tasks.
  5. Hands and eyes: When the teacher wants a lot of attention, all students look at him/her eliminating any noise or distraction. The prefrontal cortex takes control of the brain activity focusing the visual and auditory cortex on the instructor’s lesson.
  6. Switch: This is a variation of the “Teach-Okey”. Students are in pairs where one explains something to the other. Some students can do it easily whereas others need more time, that’s why saying switch all students have the oppotunity to explain and to listen.
  7. Mirrors: Some researches have shown that we learn by gesturing what we see from the others. That’s why this system works! Children have to reproduce the gestures of their teachers or partners to learn any concept.

Here you can see one example of a group of students who never practise this methodology. I really recommend you to start watching videos and information about this methodology which really works!

Next week I am going to do a post explaining the first technique! So… check it!

And here I leave some links you can check to know more about WBT! Hope you like it!




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