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I don’t know if you noticed… but it’s SPRING! In my opinion, is one of the best seasons to do many activities, that’s why I am very happy to present you some of my ideas to do with kids! I really hope you like them!

1. SPRING TALES AND STORIESPicsArt_1458845303886

The first thing I want to present you is a list of beautiful stories that can be related to this season:

  • The very hungry caterpillar
  • Aaaargh Spider!
  • Mr Tiger goes wild
  • Happy Town
  • Squash and Squeeze
  • Hug me
  • The tiny seed



During Spring many interesting things happen in Nature. For children is very exciting to see and live these changes, that’s why we have to take profit of this situation to teach them interesting things.

My favourite and easy idea is a Nature Walk. The objective is have a nice walk with your students near school and find some things such as leaves, flowers, bugs, sand, fruits…

After the walk, create a Nature Corner with your students and study each object they choose. For example: If they find a leave, you can explain them some facts about it, which plant is it, what kind of plant is it…PicsArt_1458840071746

3. ART

Why not paint and draw near nature? Sometimes we think that it is going to be a mess, they are not going to behave…

But… The truth is that the results are amazing! I really recommend you art activities!

Here I show you some!

Decorar dibujos con naturaleza | Kireei, cosas bellas:

♀ Environmental Land Art by Dietmar Voorwold Creations in Nature:


Kathy Klein y sus coloridos:

Explorig Great Artists with Kids - Andy Goldsworthy is perfect for the beautiful Fall colours. The kids loved the process. via www.redtedart.com:  


I am sure all teachers have experienced a situation where students seemed to be “crazy” very nervous, too active, unable to concentrate… One idea to calm them down is having some minutes of relaxation that can be done out of the class. Sometimes it is important for them to change their environment. Here I show you some exercises you can do!

  • Yoga!

Yoga is a very good exercise for children, not just as a relaxation activity, also as a brain- building activity.

Here you can find some exercises.



  • Blind Storytelling : guided stories are very nice to do with children. The idea is to make the, close their eyes in order to imagine all you are explaining. In this link you can find a scrip of one story.mandala-coloring-pages-apieceofrainbowblog (1)



  • Colouring: Mandalas are very famous for their power to calm down and concentrate in a relaxing way. A good idea is to make them colour one during some minutes. Here you can find many examples to print!



  • Balance a butterfly!

And here I present you one of my favourite exercises to do with children in order to relax them. It can be related with The very hungry caterpillar! The idea is to be able to balance a cardboard butterfly on your nose. This cool activity help your kids be concentrated on their breathing and can be also a way to talk about these amazing animals.




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