Winter Tales



Hello everybody!

Today I would like to present you some WINTER STORIES to explain and work with your students! I am sure you will know some of them!


1. Stick man

This is a special story by Julia Donaldson. The world seems to be  a dangerous place for Stick Man. This is a nice tale to explain in winter. There are many adjectives and winter vocabulary, that can be easily worked in class.


2. Over and Under the Snow


A wonderful story about the animals that live under the snow in winter.
More than a story, is a book with Natural Science content, very interesting and full of beautiful vocabulary. If your students love animals, I really recomend you this amazing book! They will love the story, but they will learn many things about animals that spend the winter under the ground.

3. Polar Express

With no doubts, this is one of my favourite winter stories, because it contains the magic of Christmas! Last year I worked this story with my students, and they absolutely still love it! They learned many different things through it, and this year they are asking me to explain it again. In my opinion this story has something magic… The movie is also really good!


4. The night before Christmas

PicsArt_1449500628265Amazing pictures and beautiful story. If you like poetry this is a very special
book. All the story is written in verse, and it talks about how people get ready for Christmas. In my opinion, the vocabulary is a little bit difficult, and depending on the age of your students, you will need more than two sessions to explain it. On the other hand, it would be easy to understand because of the  drawings.



5. Gruffalo’s Child

Those Julia Donaldson lovers will know this story. I absolutely love the Gruffalo, and as well the Gruffalo’s child. The little brown mouse is again one of the main characters. The special rhythm of her stories make all kids remember them! I strongly recommend you this story and make your children read it aloud!


6. Socks for Santa
Socks for Santa is a lovely story about a boy who wants to give presents to Santa. It is a short and easy to read story. In my opinion perfect for students around 6 and 7 years old.The vocabulary is simple, but you can work past tenses with it! It is also a very colorful and atractive book for children!


7. Santa’s Special Letter
A pop-up book for young students! Santa’s special Letter is a good tale for young students. I would use this story to make my students write a letter to Santa. There isn’t a lot of text, which is fine for young ages! A good tale to make your students think what’s going to happen. Predictions are good to make pupils participate actively in the story!


That’s all for today! I hope you like it! Do you know more stories?

Please feel free to write your opinions! !






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