Hello everyone!

Have you realized? it seems that we all need a constant reminder that we have to start a new year! For some teachers is diffucult to start again after the holidays… We all LOVE our job, but it is hard to start again sometimes…

So… here I prepare a list of 10 tips to survive a new year! I hope you like it and find it useful!


Is important to organize yourself and your tasks. Prepare your room and organize your stuff and resources in order to find them easily. Sometimes, holidays are perfect to search new resources. To orginize all of these online tools I recomend you PINTEREST or DELICIOUS!


These days you are going to know what subjects you will be doing during this year. It is importantto start planning your year. But TAKE CARE! Not everything is PLANNING! Sometimes, the standards and the curriculum are not the key to create a BRILLIANT LESSON! Think how lessons can be interesting and important to your kids!


Your students will enjoy more a passionate teacher than a stressed one! Try to remember your days as a student and you will see the difference! To learn, we don’t always need to take notes and make an exam…. Have fun with your students and transmit your passion for learning and improving!


Things can be wrong sometimes… There will be bad days where everything seems to be wrong, and the lesson that you prepare don’t result as you expected… THAT’S OK!  Teachers make mistakes as everyone in this world!

5. READ!

In this job it is essential to read a lot! Try to be “ON” and know what’s happening in the world!!! Be active and read as much as possible about teaching tools, new resources, the law…. And also READ just to ENJOY a good book and explain it to your students!!!!


Teachers of the world! YOU NEED FREE TIME! It is important to find time for you during the week. Something completely different! Meet different people ( if you always meet with teachers you will be talking about school 24 7) Have fun with your friends, travel, and take time just for you to rest!


Share your ideas and lesson plans! Many people would say: NO! Because they will copy them!. Be HONEst… how many times have you copy/adapt something from others? IT IS OK! Teachers, we have to share our amazing job! This job requires a lot of creativity, and good examples can help us a lot!

8. DON’T PRESS YOURSELF TOO MUCH ( and don’t do it with your students)

The perfect teacher doesn’t exist! You can not be good at all! Don’t press yourself too much, take care! Don’t press your student too much, they need time and they will learn! 


Not for beeing teacher we know everything! Listen to your students, they can also teach you something important!

Old teachers: LISTEN TO YOUNG TEACHERS! they don’t have your experience, but they have many ideas! They can be GOOD teachers too. They have the ENERGY to start a new experience that can be helpful for those who are tired…

New teachers: LISTEN TO OLD TEACHERS! They are really experienced! Education has changed, but not as much as we all think. They can teach you how to manage some classes, how to organize… They know if a lesson works or not before trying it!

10. ENNJOY! ( you have one of the most amazing jobs in the world)

Finally…. ENJOY!

We have one of the most beautiful jobs in the world. We have the opportunity to see how people change, grow and learn every single day! How children improve, how they cry, how they smile… We can see the most amaing thing every day!!!! KEEP THIS IN MIND!




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