During this first year at school I didn’t use many songs in class, and it’s something I would like to improve next year. Here I show you some songs I like and sites that can be useful to work certain things with children.For me personally, it is important to work more things apart from lingustic or grammatical aspects. All of the examples that I show you, are also related with interesting facts and topics to work in class. You will see that some of the songs are better for younger students whereas the others are much more better for teenagers maybe.


1. Living in the moment- Jason Mraz

– Through this song, you can work vocabulary like: path, free, easy, breezy, peace, wherever, living….

– You can also introduce gerunds ( living)

  • TOPIC: living in the moment, the city, freedom, peace

2. I feel good- James Brown

– This is a good example to work feelings.

– You can introduce words that collocate with feel

– Work what things make your students feel nice/ bad/ good/bored….

  • TOPIC: What is to feel good?, winter clothes (video based), people’s hair, black and white people

3. Ain’t got no …- Nina Simone

– Structure: Ain’t no =I haven’t got

– vocabulary: shoes, home, culture, mother…/ parts of the body/

  • Topic: freedom, poverty, world, humanity

4. My favourite things- Julie Andrews

– Vocabulary: raindrops, roses, kittens…

– Adjectives: bright, brown, colored,wild…

  • Topic: favourite things, feelings,

5. Circle of life- Elton John

– Structures: There’s/ passive voice

– Vocabulary: life, sky, sun, hope, faih, love, path…

  • TOPIC: Food chains/ Nature conservation/ Animals

6. Colors of the wind

– Structures: present simple/ third person / conditionals/ Can

– Vocabulary: wind, savage, land, earth, dead, rock….

  • Topic: Earth conservation


1. Lyrics Trainning

Lyrics training is a good tol to use with your students in order to work their listening skills. There are some levels and two ways to play. It’s a good resource for those five last minutes of class, or also as a brainbreak.


2. DisneyLyrics

There are some youtube channels that have a big range of Disney songs with lyrics. They are useful and well prepared for you to work in class.


If you go to ABA’s teacher’s blog, you will find some songs activities. There are many examples of different tasks, that you can adapt to your students. They have a nice group of songs, their lyrics and also the important vocabulary to work.

So that’s all! I hope you enjoy it!

If you know more songs that can be useful… please let me know!







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