Science is cool!

Today I would like to show you some important tips to teach Science! Yes… SCIENCE IN ENGLISH!

Nowadays there are many schools that are trying to introduce more hours in English in order to improve their students level. One way is through CLIL methodology, which seems to be very new…. The truth is that this aproach was born in the 90s…

Anyway… I can say from my “short” experience, by the moment, that IT WORKS! At the begining of the course I was afraid because I don’t know exactly how this gonna be, but after two terms I am really happy and impressed. The “bad ” point for some people is that there is a lot of work! These kind of lessons require a lot of work and hours of preparation.


These are the 3 topics I have been working with children, hope you find them useful!

1. Living Things vs Non-Living Things

Children work the topic by using Whole Brain Teaching and also TPR techinques to make them remeber the contents. It really works!

One of the important things to take into account is to provide them different ways to organize the information. I try to use different tools like lapbooks, mindmaps, songs, gestures, images,pictures, words… In this unit they did a lapbook about living and non-living things:

living and non living lap book

Here you can find some material:

 Living&non-Living things


2. Plant Life Cycle

During this topic, children learned by experimenting.

They did many activities in groups to see how is a plant life cycle. They were really motivated doing these activities, because they saw how plants grow. You can find more information and resources in the following link:



3. Five senses
There are many activities to work this topic, but I found one website that has many material, videos and activities taht can be really useful: Kids and Health
To start the topic you can use the following song which is funny and useful to introduce structures that are going to be essential for the unit.

Here I show you one example of the videos you can find at Kids and Health website!

I have created a folder with all the material I used and prepared for this topic, I hope you like it! Feel free to use it please!  FOLDER!



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