As an English teacher, It’s difficult to make my children write. They are always doing interactive activities where they have to speak a lot, but when it’s time to write, they don’t want to do it. Sometimes it’s because they found it boring and really challenging. Of course they aren’t the best writing activities of the world, but they work !

Today I want to show you some examples of writing activities that you can use:


1. What’s in the box? (using pictures)

This is a very simple activity . You have to ask them what they think is in the box. Of course you can do it first at class and then make them write a short text about it. It also works with other pictures. For example you can show them a house and ask them who lives there.

2. Take a card!

If you have young learners , I recomend you this activity. You should have some word cards ( they can be simple or more complicated). Each student has to take one card and build a sentence with that word. If you have older students, you can do it but in order to create a story.

Example:  CAT       “There is a black cat on the tree“.

This activity can be also used as an a speaking activity.

3. Secret letter

This is one of my favourite activities, because it can be very special. The objective is to fill a mailbox. Each student would have to write a letter to a classmate without saying his/her name. Everyweek one kid takes one letter from the mailbox.From my opinion, this is a very speciall activity, because it also helps to create a nice atmosphere in the class.


4. Roll a story

In this activity, learners are working in groups of 4 or 5. To do it they will need a dice and the following greed. Each student has to throw the dice three times in order to create the story. It can be very funny.

5. Quick Story Jar

This is a very easy activity, that you can use with young students too. The objective is to fill the jar with short stories ( one line). Every child should write one, and at the end of the week all pupils can choose the Best Quick Story.

6. Continue the sentence/story

A good way to work collaboratively could be to write a story with all the students in the class. It can be a creative game where one person starts to write one word and he/she passes it to the person next to him/her. If you have younger students you can do it with sentences and it also works.

So that’s all! I hope you like it !

And please, feel FREE to leave a comment, idea, opinion….






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