Pete the Cat

Hello everybody!

DSC_0589[1]It has been long time from my last post…

But today I would like to show you one of my favourite stories for the little ones! Here I present you the amazing Pete the Cat!

Pete the Cat is a blue cat who is always in troubles! If you want the toy you can find it in amazon! I used it as a class pet!

There are many stories about this awasome cat, and they are all very simple and easy for children in preschool. I recomend you  the story ” I love my white shoes” !

I had used this story to teach pupils colors and fruit, but also parts of the body.  you can find many ways to use this tale, and you can check Pinterest to find original activities. Here I am going to show you some of my ideas that you can download for free ! I share my “pete the cat folder” to everyone, so you can get some material!

1. Talking about Pete the Cat

How is this character? Make your children complete a mind mip about Pete the Cat!


2. Fruits and Art!

Talking about fruits, why not if you use Arcimboldo’s artworks? It can be a speaking activity:

They have to tell you what fruits they can see in the picture… This way you make them speak and also you can introduce more vocabulary about fruit.

3. Board game.

You can also create a board game, using fruits and colours! In my folder you will find some examples! On the other hand, you can also buy the original board game here!

4. Story and Song

If you like music and you want to make your children enjoy the story, I recomend you this video!

5. Add more fruit piles!

Another cool activity is to make them think about more possible piles of fruit! This way they can work more examples of fruit and also colors.

Ex: Oh no! pete stepped in a large pile of peaches! What color did it turn his shoes?

6. I love my shoes!

And finally, I would like to show you a very easy activity that can become a speaking activity too if there is the possiblitity. Make them colour and decorate one shoe. If you want you can make them explain how are their favourite shoes just by giving them somesupport!

Here you can find all the material I have about Pete the Cat. Some of the documents are mine and some of them not. I really hope that you find it useful!


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