” It all began when Floyd kite became stuck in a tree”

Today I would like to present you this amazing book. The writer is Oliver Jeffers and he is not only the writer; He is also the ilustrator. In my opinion he does an amazing job with his books because they are full of magic. The first book I read was How to catch a Star and I remember how I felt that day… I though it was the best story I ever read. That they I decided to buy all  books he had written to build my “little library” and now I am using Stuck with my students!

STUCK is a story of a boy who throw a kite and it became stuck in a tree.

There are many ways to use a story, but I show you how I am using it !


The first thing I did, was to ask my students for the word STUCK. Firstly I wrote the word on the board and then I show them the cover. At the beginning they didn’t know what does stuck mean but with the picture they started to brainstorm and after some questions they get the meaning!


The story has some tricky words that can be missunderstand, but if you show them the pictures and you “represent” the story a little bit, they can understand most of the things. In this case, I stopped the story 4 or 5 times to make them think and remember every single object that the main character throw up in a tree. It was a good strategy because they retain new vocabulary while they are understanding the story.


After the story I asked them some questions to be sure that they understand it, and then we watched how Oliver Jeffers explains this story.

1. Make a list of the objects, animals and people that Floyd got stuck in the tree.

2. Learn how to draw!

3. What are the differences?


4. True or false

In groups, make your children build sentences about the story, they can be true or false. Then they have to read them and the rest of the class have to guess if it’s true or false. It’s a good way to make them think and build a sentence.

5. Create your own story

A good way to practise some structures in the story is to make them invent a new story! With Stuck is easy because they just need to change the main character and the objects. You can let them bring objects to help them with the “theatre”!

Interesting resources about Oliver Jeffers:





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