First of all I want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you have a great year full of new opportunities and good moments!

Today I want to show you some activities to do with your students as BRAIN BREAKS!


As you know, children is not able to concentrate more than 20 minutes and our education system doesn’t help them…

So… Brain breaks are short activities that can be used at class after a long activity which requires a lot of concentration, before an exam… The aim of a brain break as the name says is to stop some minutes. From my point of view they are very useful. Most of the activities are related with body movements that can be very helpful. Some researches show that short movement activities not only allows children to get their “wiggles” out, but energizes them to focus on the next activity.


1. Simple movement activities: jumping jacks, hop on one foot, mirrors.

2. Dance: to do this brain break I recommend you videos like “just dance game”. You can find  videos on YouTube. They are very funny and easy for children.

3. Yoga: In my opinion this is a very good option to relax your students. They have to work in balance which is very important. Also they have to control their breathing. Here I show you one website that contains many videos about yoga positions and activities. This website also contains more activities to use as a brain breaks.

4. Karaoke : Sing a song could be another brain break. Most of the children love singing and I think is a very good idea to use music as a brain break.

 I decided to make some “arts and crafts” in order to use brain breaks at class. To make it you will need:


– Some sticks

– One plastic can

– Some stickers

– Coloured pencils and felt- tips

DSC_0915I bought the material in ABACUS but I think you can find it in many shops.

– You can decorate your stickers and also the sticks.

– Write the name of the activity in each stick…




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