“There is no angry way to say bubbles”

This week has been very hard at school. I felt very tired the whole week… Actually,I don’t know why but I was without enough energy.

I started my Monday studing for my car test which is becoming a nightmare, and I finished the first day of the week with a very interesting meeting with some teachers in school. I said interesting, but it really wasn’t… I wanted to talk about important things such as how to adapt exams to those kids with difficulties, or how to assess some aspects in Arts and Crafts subject… But… ladies and gentelmen… I think it won’t be possible…

@Jenna Nelson Nelson McIntyre I teach whats your superpower saying quote 9 x 12 by TheBlondette, $14.00


After an “amazing” Monday and a “funny” Tuesday…. my lovely Wednesday arrived! And… It was my favourite day of the week! Despite I had to get up earlier, I had two hours of the greatest teamwork ever! This year I am supposed to be working in group with some ESO teachers because we all are in the same ” team” about clil learning and teaching project.

Thursdays are always good… And they are always good because I have SCIENCE with 3rd graders (OMG) I love them! This week they were asked to do a short theatre about how a plant grows… I mean… they were AWASOME!


At home things are going… but everyday there is something that makes you smile… And I want to confess something that can be strange for those people around me, but I feel bad for something everyday, and the reason is because I want to do everything PERFECT…  Most of the people would say that the PERFECTION doesn’t exist, but… I am sure it does… I have learned something after many years but there is one sentence I want to share with you:

“Everything you try will be perfect, just because you did it”

Today, someone has a really bad day… and It makes me think about how we are living… As a teacher, but also as a person… I am sure we have to believe in ourselves, we have to find a good thing everyday because…


Have a nice weekend! 🙂



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